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Kira Mechanical Keyboard 150 150 admin

Kira Mechanical Keyboard

Kira is the ultimate full-size mechanical keyboard. Designed by Input Club and legendary keyboard artist Angelo Tobias, its unique RGB underglow and custom mechanical switches give you an unmatched typing experience. Kira is fully hardware programmable, which turns any key into a multi-function macro without active software.

Kira’s 99-key condensed layout packs the functionality of a standard full-size keyboard into a better form factor. Custom dye-sublimated PBT keycaps enhance its unique functionality. Its keycaps will resist wear and finger oils for much longer than those of an average keyboard.

Hardware programmability makes every key a powerful macro — no active software necessary. Kira uses an open source firmware called Keyboard Layout Language (KLL) that allows it to work seamlessly on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Its future-proof USB-C connector is strong and easy to use.

UX Workflow – Documents 150 150 admin

UX Workflow – Documents

Phase 1: Gathering specs & requirements

Although often neglected by many less experienced designers, this is perhaps the most important aspect of the entire work. This stage pretty much makes or breaks the project. A tight and defined scope usually ensures a smooth process and enables you, as a project manager, to know that you are on the same page as your client. During your initial kickoff meeting, I ask every question I can think of about the product’s features, flow, target demographic, competition etc.

As a designer, you may think that your only concern is ultimately the design of the product, which may be true for certain specialized design roles (I’m looking at you Product Designers). I personally like to think of myself as a Design Consultant & Project Manager. I believe that my role requires the understanding of business goals and adapting my design expertise to push for the achievement of those goals within a given time frame & budget.

This step obviously requires A LOT of communication with the client. For me, it usually involves many brainstorming sessions, group Skype calls, sketching ideas etc. The deliverable for this phase is a simple PDF “MVP Overview”, outlining the specs of the app/product and documenting all brainstorming findings & sketches.

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